Sell Makeup Online: The Challenges New Business Owners Face When Selling Makeup Online

The recent few years have seen offline retail businesses record low sales because buying and selling products and services is rapidly shifting online. For cosmetics businesses, the trend is visible. And according to a study by Fung Global Retail and Tech, the beauty industry is projected to record revenue of more than $430 billion by the turn of 2022. This is an indication that the industry is growing at 4.3% every year and the trend is expected to continue. However, even with the booming beauty and cosmetics industry, business owners have to deal with certain challenges. Let’s check them out;

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The deep internet penetration can affect how you sell makeup online

The deep penetration of the internet has enabled even the remotest parts of the world to have internet connectivity. This has seen the proliferation of Smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Therefore, more consumers can access any information they want anywhere, anytime. If they want to buy a certain product, they will go to the manufacturer’s website, get details about the product, and check out customer reviews before they can buy. So by the time they decide to buy the product, they have known its quality, the average price and how it can help them solve their problems. So makeup business owners have to offer quality products, attach comprehensive descriptions, set the right prices and explain how the product will help customers solve their problems.


It’s hard to sell makeup online with already established brands offering the same

With big makeup brands already on the market, it’s hard for new cosmetic businesses to break into it. Don’t forget that the big makeup companies have the resources to market their brands extensively across all channels, including offline channels like radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.The best way new cosmetics businesses can outsmart the big brands is to offer a customer experience that is out-of-this-world. But, they must first work to ensure that customers discover them. They must also put up mechanisms to entice customers to be part of their brand story. New makeup businesses also have to market their brands using multiple channels like social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization and more to create awareness.


Free or cost-effective shipping is the biggest challenge new businesses face when looking to sell makeup online

Many established makeup and cosmetics online businesses are offering free or cheap shipping to entice more customers to buy from them. This can be a challenge for new cosmetic businesses because doing so will seriously erode their profit margins. The truth is if shipping significantly adds up the cost of the makeup, then a customer would prefer to buy from a physical store. Worse still, they will abandon your website and head to the competition.


New cosmetic businesses are not able to harness the power of influencers to sell makeup

Established cosmetic companies have the money to pay celebrities to endorse their products. While this is an old concept of creating awareness and getting people to buy, it still has a huge impact. New cosmetic businesses have been able to use social media and other free marketing techniques to bridge the gap, but that’s not enough. Celebrities still have a great influence to convince many people to buy a particular brand. However, with Facebook working hard to create tools that will help cosmetic brands to taps into the power of influencers, the future looks promising for new makeup businesses.

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Big cosmetics brands will continue to dominate the beauty industry because of the mighty resources and the trust they have developed over time. But new cosmetic businesses can still compete by offering unique products and astounding customer experience.

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